Becoming Postmodern?

Almost exactly a year ago, in early May 2021, just prior to my operation and having received my cancer diagnosis, I was out walking when I was struck by a number of thoughts relating to my own positionality with regard to modernity. I tried to capture these in very rough note format. Time passes and

Futures, Trends and Innovations in Education -First Thoughts

Education has a long history of trying to predict the future and I have no doubt this will continue. As I write this post there are countless projects trying to predict what “post pandemic” education, schools and universities will look like, all with various interest groups vying to push their own agendas.

My clone, who lives in the cloud.

I have a clone and it lives in the cloud.  Many people have such a clone. Scene 1. I climb aboard the bus and swipe my bus pass.  It bleeps and the green glow of the circular light confirms I can board.  It’s 15:56 at Tenniskeskus, bus stop number 5043.  In a database somewhere in